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Question 92 from The Impossible Quiz Book is the forty-second question of the Book's second Chapter, and the twelfth question of the stretch of the game inspired by the Modern era of video games. This question, however, is a take on a famous line from the 1997 Nintendo 64 game, "Star Fox 64", as you will see further below.

After turning over the previous question, you're presented with a scene from the game where Chris (who was redesigned to look more like Fox McCloud himself) is scratching his chin in deep thoughts, with some stores in the background and an idle 10-second bomb. The screen then cuts to what he's staring at: a counter top of a food store called "HWG's Sandwiches", the logo of which can be seen behind the counter in big blue letters, along with the jolly-looking face of the Heavy from the videogame "Team Fortress 2" and a speech balloon pointing at him that says "Moist and delicious!" in red cursive letters.

TIQB - 092 (2)

The question with all of the options.

Chris seems to be thinking which of the sandwiches of the countertop he'd like to eat. There's a great variety of them. From normal sandwiches and hamburgers, to some rare delicatessens like sandwiches containing a barrel, bricks, some weird purple liquid, and even mechanical bits and bolts. As soon as the camera points at these delicacies, however, the bomb immediately starts ticking down, with no explicit task given to you.

To complete this question, you must select the correct food item out of the eleven before the bomb detonates.

The correct meal you have to choose for Chris is the barrel sandwich, because it's referencing a famous meme that spawned from "Star Fox 64" and boosted this game's popularity even more: the "Do a barrel roll!" line, which was used throughout the game to refer to the action of avoiding obstacles by pressing the L and R buttons on your controller. The barrel sandwich also falsifies the slogan "Moist and delicious!".

This is the reason why the "barrel roll" (the bread roll with the barrel) is the one you have to select to move on to the next question. It's the fourth sandwich from left to right in the top row.

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