The Impossible Quiz 2
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Question 93
TIQ2 - 93



7 seconds


Dennis the Square Tomato (character by Splapp)

Question 93 of The Impossible Quiz 2 shows loads and loads of tomatoes with faces surrounding Dennis the Square Tomato, who is located in the middle of the screen with a really long face. They're all looking at him like the freak he is among all of them. There's a 7 second-bomb, as well as the task "Click the odd one out".

The answer is not Dennis, even though he technically is the odd one out among all of the normal, round tomatoes surrounding him. To advance to the next question, you need to click the phrase "the odd one out" in the question task.

Mobile version

Due to Question 91 being omitted from the iOS version of The Impossible Quiz 2, Questions 92 to 94 were pushed one space back, with this question taking the spot of number 92; the original Question 94 ("What breaks when you say it?") took the spot left by this question.

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