The Impossible Quiz
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Question 94 from the Impossible Quiz has scenario set in front of a big bomb located in the centre of the screen, with the words "Be prepared" above it. A match is lit off-screen and put on the bomb's fuse, lighting it, but this time a 10-second countdown starts ticking down on it, instead of a 1-second countdown. The screen will now display a message that says "Stop it!!" in red, and between that message and the bomb there will be a red button that says "Detonate!".

So it seems that you are between a rock and a hard place in this question: rather than having to reflexively click an "Escape" button like the previous time, you must actually stop the bomb from going off, but you only have a button for detonating it.


The question when started.


The question when completed.

To complete this question, you have to do absolutely nothing. Detonating a bomb is already a bad idea since you'll blow it up, and if you choose to let the bomb go off, right before the countdown reaches zero, the bomb will deflate and fall over, revealing itself to be nothing more than a dud, with the screen displaying a message that reads "Oh... Never mind!" Needless to say, if you fall for this question's trick and press the detonate button, the bomb will instantly explode, and it's an instant Game Over for you.


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