The Impossible Quiz 2
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Question 94
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"Sonic Breaks his Neck" / "Call of Duty" series

Question 94 of The Impossible Quiz 2 says "What breaks when you say it?". The options you're given are "Pineapples", "Sonic's Neck", "Silence" and "Cod" (which might refer to the fish, or possibly "Call of Duty").

The answer to this question is "Silence" because if you say that word (or any word for that matter), then you break the silence itself, therefore making that the answer.

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Question 94 (iOS)
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Due to Question 91 being omitted from the iOS version of The Impossible Quiz 2, Questions 92 to 94 were pushed one space back, with this question taking the spot of number 93; in turn, a brand new question took this one's place. The new Question 94 only contains the task "If it is on fire, use baking soda", as well as a 10-second bomb. The possible answers to this question are "Matches", "Athens", "Cigar" and "Chicago".

For some particular reason, the answer to this question is "Athens". This might be referring to "Greek Fire", a fire weapon from early history that needed to be smothered to put it out, as water did not affect it, and since Athens is the capital city of Greece, that would be the answer.

Asides from that speculation, the reason for this answer is unknown, even to Splapp himself, as revealed in a response to an anonymous question on his Tumblr. In the post, he was asked the meaning of this question, to which he answered that he doesn't know and that he didn't come up with all of the replacement questions.

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