The Impossible Quiz
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Question 95 of The Impossible Quiz only shows a brown cat with green eyes, staring into the distance. There is no task or bomb on screen, and the question is unskippable.

Just like in Question 34, what you have to do here is either to move your mouse out of the screen, or put it on the "Sorry, no skipping!" sign where the Skips are usually located, or simply right-click anywhere. The cat will stay where it is until you move your mouse away, since cats like mice and the cursor is keeping its attention. A few seconds after you move it away from the screen, a fly will pass by, capturing the cat's attention, and the cat will jump off the screen right after, revealing a red button behind it. Click it in order to proceed.


There it is!

Mobile version

Due to the lack of a cursor in the iOS version of The Impossible Quiz, all you have to do to make the cat jump away from the button is hold your finger on the screen. Shortly after the fly will pass by, the cat will jump away, and you'll be able to press the red button. However, the cat will look like it is flying instead of jumping.


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