The Impossible Quiz 2
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Question 95
TIQ2 - 95



15 seconds


TIQ Question 92

Question 95 of The Impossible Quiz 2 has a scenario set in front of a stage with blue curtains, along with the task "Ascending!" written in red letters on it, plus a 15-second bomb. You're located behind the first row of the crowd, where there are eight people. By hovering your mouse on their heads, you will see they all have a number on it, with the following order from left to right: "15", "76", "0", "-15.1", "15.1", "151", "-4", "2".

TIQ2 - 95 (2)

The question when completed.

What you have to do is to click on all of the numbers in ascending order; that is, from the smallest to the biggest. The correct order would be: -15.1, -4, 0, 2, 15, 15.1, 76, 151. Numbering them #1 to #8 from left to right, the order is #4, #7, #3, #8, #1, #5, #2, #6. Once you're done, the curtains will open, revealing behind them a picture taken by Rabid-Coot of a dead rabbit with a hole on the back of its head, its corpse being invaded by some flies, and the chorus of the song "Bright Eyes" by Art Garfunkel playing in the background. An arrow reading "Enough" will then appear in the top left corner of the screen; you may click this to proceed to the next question.

If you click the wrong number, you will not only lose a life, but like in the first quiz, all the numbers will reset but the bomb won't.

Mobile version

Due to the content of this question, the iOS port of The Impossible Quiz 2 had it removed completely, with some question rearrangements taking place. More precisely, Questions 96 to 98 were pushed back one space, with the original Question 96 ("Click the smallest", rewritten as "Touch the smallest") becoming number 95. The bomb was changed from 5 to 10 seconds.


  • This is the opposite of Question 92 of the first Quiz, where you had to click numbers in a descending order. It's also the opposite in that there was a happier scenario behind the curtains. Also, the curtain is red instead of blue.
  • Rabid-Coot uploaded the original picture on Easter 2007, as a reminder of how fragile the new life born on this particular festivity can be.
    • The picture has a Mature Content filter for those who might get upset or offended by the picture of an animal's corpse.
  • If you don't click the "Enough" arrow, you'll move on to the next question after a while, so if you leave, the next question's bomb will give you a Game Over if you aren't fast enough.
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