The Impossible Quiz 2
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Question 97
TIQ2 - 97

Somewhat easy


15 seconds



Question 97 of The Impossible Quiz 2 asks "What's found at the centre of a black hole?". The option choices you're given are "Unicorns", "No one knows that", "A zoo" and "Your mother". There's a 15-second bomb so that you have time to think for a little bit.

While no one really knows what's inside of a black hole, since all there is to know about black holes is theoretical (scientific research and the like), the correct one is NOT "No one knows that". In fact, the question isn't talking about actual black holes, but actually about the "black hole" of the sentence. If you put your mouse on the "K" in "black", you will see it's a clickable object; that's the answer to the question, because it's right in the middle of the words "black hole". Click it to proceed.

Mobile version

Due to the removal of Question 95 from the iOS port of The Impossible Quiz 2, Questions 96 to 98 were pushed one space back in the lineup, with this question becoming number 96. In turn, the original Question 98 ("How many times have lemurs been mentioned in this quiz?") took this one's spot.

The answer of this question is still "5" because four of the mentions of lemurs throughout the original Quiz are still present in the iOS adaptation (the omitted one being the picture of a lemur with a Santa hat, from the original Question 49), but one of the options in Question 24 was changed from "Nipples" to "Lemurs", thus totalling five mentions again.


  • The option "No one knows that" had also appeared in Question 74 of The Impossible Quiz.
  • This is the only question with a 15-second bomb that has the 4-answer format.
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