The Impossible Quiz Book
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Question 97 from The Impossible Quiz Book is the forty-seventh question of the second Chapter, and the seventeenth of twenty questions that follow the visual theme inspired by the Modern era of video games. This question features the last red bomb of the entire series (a 12-second one), which will also last until you answer the following question.

As for this particular one, it asks you "What kind of lemming are you likely to find in your toilet?"; the options you're given are "Basher", "Floater", "Builder" and "Bomber".

Lemmings are little creatures that you must transport through different levels by assigning them skills and making their way. The four choices of this question refer to actual kinds of lemmings with assigned skills: the basher lemming will dig horizontally through the terrain, the floater uses a parachute to safely fall down, the builder makes a staircase and the bomber pretty much commits suicide by exploding and destroying stuff around it.

There's a hidden meaning on this question, though. The answer to this question is "Floater", not only because of the particular kind of lemming, but also because it's a coloquial term to refer to the huge pieces of fecal matter that won't leave the toilet after flushing it because they're just too big to get flushed away.

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