The Impossible Quiz
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Question 98 of The Impossible Quiz asks "Can you STILL remember?", along with a 10-second bomb and six choices rather than the usual four. Each of the option boxes contains the name of a colour written in a completely different colour. These are:

  • "Red", written in green.
  • "Green", written in red.
  • "Orange", written in blue.
  • "Yellow", written in pink.
  • "Blue", written in orange.
  • "Pink", written in yellow.

Needless to say, the Quiz is asking you (for the second time now) to remember the colour code from Question 50, which was "Blue, red, blue, yellow". Don't be confused, though: this time what you have to do is to press the words which correspond to the colour code, NOT the colour they were written in. So in order to proceed, you have to press the words "Blue", "Red", "Blue" again, and finally "Yellow", and you'll be sent to the next question.

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