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Question 98
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Questions 51, 81 and 90;
Question 49 (PC) / 24 (iOS)

Question 98 from the Impossible Quiz 2 asks "How many times have lemurs been mentioned in this Quiz?", with the possible choices being "5", "7", "9" and "1".

You probably won't remember how many times you've seen a lemur or the word "lemur" in this game, let alone remembering each particular case, but to sum it up, lemurs have appeared in:

  • Question 49 (pic of a Lemur with a Santa hat, if you were told by Frank to type Delete loads of times).
  • Question 51 (one of the options was "Ring-Tailed Lemur").
  • Question 81 (the picture of a Ring-Tailed Lemur was an option).
  • Question 90 (the text wall mentions "a small fat lemur named Steven").
  • This question.

This means that lemurs have been mentioned a total of 5 times throughout the entire game up to this question, so the answer is "5".

Mobile version

Question 98 (iOS)
Screenshot 2014-06-02-16-37-22



10 seconds


"Mars", "Milky Way" and "Galaxy" (chocolate bars)


Flash Question 3

Due to Question 95 being omitted from the iOS release of The Impossible Quiz 2, Questions 96 to 98 were pushed one space back, with this question becoming number 97. In turn, this spot was taken by Question 3 from the original Flash version: "Which is the largest?", with options being "Earth", "Mars", "Milky Way" and "Galaxy". The only difference is that it now is a 10-second bomb question.

You might be familiar with this answer if you've played the PC version; either way, while "Galaxy" or "Milky way" might seem like good answers, the correct one is actually "Earth", since the rest of these options are names of chocolate bars, which makes them way tinier by comparison.


  • The numbers used as possible answer choices in this question are the same ones that form the code needed to complete Question 100 in The Impossible Quiz Book, Chapter 2 (5-7-1-9). In response to a comment on his deviantArt page, Splapp-Me-Do said that it was actually a coincidence.
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