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Question 98 from The Impossible Quiz Book is the forty-eighth question of the second Chapter, and the eighteenth of the final twenty questions, which have the visual theme inspired by the Modern era of video games.

It's also the last question of the game (and of the entire series) to feature a red bomb, which is the 12-second one that appeared in the previous question. The remainder of time you had after correctly answering the previous question will be the amount of time you'll have to answer this question.

TIQB - 098 (2)

These are all of the four options!!!

Speaking of which, you're asked "Who do you get if you dial 999?" here. The potential answers to this question are... still in construction! Just like one of the option boxes from Question 85, you have to build each of these options by clicking them repeatedly before you are able to read their content. This of course means that no matter how long it took you to complete the previous question, you will barely be able to build just ONE of them, assuming you have more than 5 seconds left on the bomb and you didn't keep your Fusestopper until this point! (Which is highly probable, to be fair.)

In any case, the constructed options will read "Lara Croft", "Master Chief", "Amber Lamps" and "Kevin Butler". There's no other choice here but either going trial-and-error when building the boxes, or saving your Fusestopper for this question!

To clear things up, the number 999 is known to be the emergency telephone number in Splapp-Me-Do's home country, the United Kingdom (as well as many other European countries). But which of these four people would pick up the phone if you were in the UK and you dialed that number?

It's definitely not Lara Croft, the protagonist of the "Tomb Raider" video games, nor Master Chief, the protagonist of the "Halo" series. It can't be Kevin Butler, the guy of those PlayStation 3 commercials that had been airing on TV since the year prior the release of this Chapter. This means that the remaining option is the correct answer.

The correct one is "Amber Lamps", which is a pun on the word "ambulance", and which spawned as a meme at some point in 2010. Said meme was based on a fight that engaged between two passengers of a transit bus, while a female passenger casually sitting a few steps away simply looked at them with indifference; viewers who noticed this young woman gave her the nickname "Amber Lamps", purely because of the impeded speech of the passenger that got beaten up and urged people to call an ambulance for him, sounding like he was saying "amber lamps" instead.


  • The "Amber Lamps" pun was also featured in Splapp's short Flash movie "Organ Story", where the ambulance that carried the protagonist Lloyd over to the hospital had "Amber Lamps" written on the side instead.
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