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Question 99
TIQB - 099



"LocoRoco" / "Portal" series

Question 99 from The Impossible Quiz Book is the forty-ninth and penultimate question of the second Chapter, and the ninteenth question of the final stretch of the game, with a visual theme inspired by Modern video games. It is also a reference to the short-lived yet successful PSP/PS3 video game series "LocoRoco", which stars cute round little creatures with faces who sing and make funny noises while travelling through the levels.

As soon as the player enters this question, the music abruptly switches to the sound of a drum roll, and the scenario takes place in the middle of a colourful garden like that of a typical LocoRoco level. There are 4 LocoRocos, each of a different colour: a yellow one with an adorable smile, a red one with a nervous-looking face, a pink one indifferently staring at the screen, and a blue one with a derpy face. There's a table behind them, and above all of this, the question's task in big red letters, which greets the player to a very special occasion: it says "Happy birthday!".

The player has the four LocoRocos, each of which sings a different musical note when clicked, and the player has a message that greets him/her to his/her birthday (even though it probably isn't his/her birthday), so what the player must do in this situation is to make the LocoRocos sing the birthday song for the player.

The player might require to do some testing to see what specific note is sung by each of them, but the player must keep it brief, because clicking a LocoRoco that doesn't follow the progression of the birthday song will take a life away from him/her, also forcing him/her to do the entire sequence from the beginning.

TIQB - 099 (2)

The question when being completed

The LocoRocos are ordered from lowest to highest note, so to successfully make them sing the birthday song, the player must press them in the following order: yellow, yellow, red, yellow, blue, and pink. After doing this, an empty plate will fall on the table, though there are only crumbs of a cake left on it, as well as a folded card that contains the most famous phrase of the critically acclaimed first-person puzzle-platformer "Portal": "The cake is a LIE".

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