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Question 9



Question 2

Question 9 from the Impossible Quiz is a review question that says "What was the answer to Question 2?", with four option boxes below. The top left one says "That one" with an arrow pointing to the top right box, which has the same text but pointing to the bottom left one, which ALSO has the same text but pointing at the first one. The bottom right one reads "This one", not pointing any of the others.
Information This question is a reference to another question.

Question 2 said "Can a match box?", and the answer to it was "No, but a tin can", which was located in the bottom left box. However, since that box is pointing to the one above it in this question, the correct answer here is the top right box, which is pointing to the one where the answer was.


  • This is the first question of the series to feature a reference to an earlier question.
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