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Question 9
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Question 9 of the Impossible Quiz Book asks you "Which of the following is spelt correctly?", to the right of which there's a drawing of the head of a pig whose eyes were removed. The possible answers are "Blnd pg", "Blind pig", "Blahnd peeg" and "Blid ping".

It's quite obvious that "Blind pig" is the grammatically correct choice, but in reality it's not correct. The drawing of the pig is there to give you a hint: not only is the pig blind, but it turns out to be blind because its eyes are missing. As such, since the pig has no eyes, the answer will have no I's either. Therefore, the correct one is "Blnd pg", since it had both of its I's removed.


  • This question was probably inspired by Question 14 of The Impossible Quiz Demo, which also asked which of the four options below had the correct spelling. There was no drawing though, and the options were "Succees", "Success", "Sucksess" and "Sookpaps"; the correct one was "Sucksess".
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