In The Impossible Quizmas, these 45 collectables are unlocked by opening gift-wrapped presents, usually in Question 25. There are 32 normal presents and 13 rare presents, three of which have unique unlock conditions.

The bronze tablet has a rare chance of dropping as a result of using the Tab Cheat, while the gold and silver tree toppers are in a special purple gift, at the very end of the quiz. The other 42 are distributed through gift-wrapped Skips. Skips from different questions unlock different presents, as indicated by the spaces on the tree when opening the presents.

List of Quizmas Presents

Name Rarity Location Description
01 Stylish Socks Normal Duck gift The classic christmas gift... socks. You smile properly and chuck them to one side...
02 Abundance Doll Rare Bulb gift This hand-crafted Abundance Doll is made from spider silk. It is also stuffed with millions of tiny spiders, but it's dead cute.
03 Impossible Quiz Book Normal Q10 gift This book contains all the answers to all the questions in all the Impossible Quizzes. It even had the answers to THIS quiz in it before it was even MADE!
04 Quizmas Pudding Normal Holly gift Delicious Christmas Pudding made using only the finest ingredients and explosives. However, pouring Brandy over it and setting it alight is not advised.
05 Ancient Relic Normal Duck gift This relic is estimated to be over 10 years old. Using its power will come at a great cost, so be very careful...
06 Badly Drawn Bluray Normal Q20 gift Series 1-3 of the FANTASTIC cartoon Badly Drawn Dawg fully remastered in HD. Also includes the Bhristmas special where Rudolph gets his knackers ripped off.
07 Candy Cane Normal Holly gift A delicious festive sweet festive treat that is sure to make your teeth dissolve.
08 Cylindrical Plush Rare Holly gift Hand stuffed by slaves in foreign countries... but that doesn't matter because LOOK HOW CUTE HE IS!
09 Coal Normal Duck gift I guess you must have been naughty this year. Did you high-five someone in the face?
10 Fusestopper Toy Normal Bulb gift Kids will love this metal plated pull string Fusestopper toy! Simply point it at whatever you want to evaporate and pull the string to unleash a deadly beam of pure energy!
11 Festive Undies Normal Holly gift You were hoping someone would buy you some of these. Especially after you blew a hole in your old pair after a particularly spicy vindaloo.
12 Vanishing Cream Normal Bulb gift The UK's #1 vanishing cream. Only works on mouse pointers.
13 Lifebuoy Normal Q10 gift In the UK we pronounce this "Life Boy." In the US it is pronounced "Life Boo-ee." How bizarre!
14 Yoglett Normal Q20 gift Aww, a little baby yoghurt. It's pretty tempting to scoop out and eat it's innards... but you probably shouldn't.
15 Festive Halibut Normal Bulb gift Halibuts celebrate Christmas too, you know! This one was at one of Tony the Crab's legendary all night Christmas raves last night, so is feeling a tad rough today.
16 Bomb Normal Holly gift Who the hell buys someone a BOMB for Christmas?!
17 Vixen's Antlers Normal Duck gift Wait a sec... Vicen's antlers aren't real? Next you'll be telling me she's orange, lets out blood-curdling scream during the night and does really smelly poos...
18 Lloyd's Stomach Normal Q20 gift Luckily for us, Lloyd was a registered organ donor.
19 Quizmas Cracker Normal Q10 gift You've got to love Christmas Cracker jokes. It's the best part of Christmas!
20 Square Tomato Seeds Normal Duck gift Japanese scientists created a square variety of tomato by injecting them with the DNA of a housebrick. It stops them from rolling off the table.
21 Babby Shoop Normal Q20 gift Aww isn't he cute, a tiny little shoop da whoop monster! He's not actually a baby, though. He's 37 in March.
22 False Gnashers Normal Q10 gift The best option if you've got no teeth and need something that choose food.
23 Meteorite Normal Q10 gift A cool souvenir from when the world ended.
24 Toothy Figurine Rare Duck gift No one is quite sure when the battle between Horse Worm and Pig Buster began. But for as long as there is meat and juice in this world, the war will rage on.
25 Afro Clump Normal Q10 gift A light and fluffy tuft of Crested Duck hair, beautifully presented in a pink ribbon. Great as an alternative to toilet paper.
26 Universal Cereal Bus Normal Bulb gift Who do you think delivers cereals to your bowl in the morning? YOUR MUM, YEAH? Well, you'd be wrong. It's the Universal Cereal Bus.
27 Phlovomite's Guide... Normal Holly gift the Galaxy. Contains every bit of knowledge every Phlovomite in the universe knows. Also contains some 'fun' little games such as Phlovopong and PacFrank.
28 Chris' Collar Normal Q20 gift Impossible Chris' collar. It might be a little bit tight for you...
29 Dinosaur in a Top Hat Normal Q20 gift Yes, he's a dinosaur, but that doesn't mean he can't look suave. His favourite movie is Triassic Garden.
30 PacFrank Game Normal Bulb gift A really difficult game involving gobbling pills and dodging ghosts. Originally installed on first editions of The Phlovomite's Guide to the Galaxy.
31 Articulated Violence Rare Q20 gift No one is quite sure where Violence the Strawberry came from. He has a passion for bursting grapes and pounding bananas. For some reason he has a crippling fear of plums.
32 Signed Portrait Normal Holly gift A signed self-portrait of Boggy, framed in a low quality frame from Poundland.

33 Perculiar Helmet Normal Duck gift This helmet is like nothing on earth. Not sure of its origin, but its great at flipping eggs and pancakes. Smells faintly of cabbage.
34 Red Globe Rare Q10 gift From Olympus Mons to Hellas Planitia, now you can examine every crack and crevice on Mars.
35 Christingle Normal Q10 gift I was tempted to make this a CHRIS Tingle, where the orange would be replaced with Chrs' severed head.

Seemed a bit much, though.
36 Old Trophy Rare Q20 gift Over the past 10 years only a small handfull of these were ever awarded. To the people that earned them legitimately, well done... you're AMAZING!
37 Ponk Egg Normal Duck gift A Ponk is a small deciduous mammal from south-east... west Chad. No one knew they existed until I invented them. Crazy.
38 Lemur Tail Normal Bulb gift Very nice. I'd have prefered the full lemur though, to be honest.
39 Thatcher Robot Normal Q20 gift Inhabitant of Doc's Knee Land. She enjoys breathing fire, punching gorillas in the face and destroying cities.
40 Cheesy Fish Mush Normal Holly gift Chris' favourite food. Tastes better than it looks.
41 Monochrome Tank Rare Holly gift A highly detailed wind-up Tank with removable Tank Man. Reminds me something... but can't quite put my finger on it.
42 Forty Two Normal Bulb gift 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42
42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42
42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42
42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42
42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42
43 Bronze Tablet Rare Game Over gift You little cheater! But... I suppose it's worth it for the secret Quizmas Present.
44 Silver Tree Topper Rare Treetop gift You got to the end of the Impossible Quizmas, but didn't quite perfect it.
45 Golden Tree Topper Rare Treetop gift You smashed it! You've completed The Impossible Quizmas without losing any lives... and you found the 5 Quizmas Presents. AMAZING!

The spaces on the tree correspond to the following questions:

  • Bulb: Question 4 (find the hidden skip in a dented socket)
  • Duck: Question 8 (find the hidden skip in a secret spot)
  • Q10: Question 10 (complete the question to earn a skip)
  • Holly: Question 14 (find the hidden skip under the hollies)
  • Q20: Question 20 (complete the question to earn a skip)
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