Rabid-Coot (formerly Etinogard, real name Daniel Hyslop), is a DeviantArt user who posts animal photos. He collaborated with Splapp in the development of The Impossible Quiz, The Impossible Quiz 2 and each chapter of The Impossible Quiz Book. Like Splapp, he is credited with his then-current username in the first two quizzes, and his real name in the book. In the credits of The Phlovomite's Guide to the Galaxy, he is additionally given the moniker "I break everything" due to his extensive beta testing of the chapter.

Rabid-Coot's Photos in the Impossible Quiz Series

Rabid-Coot's animal photos make an appearance in each main game of the The Impossible Quiz series.

Appearances in The Impossible Quiz

Appearances in The Impossible Quiz 2

  • Question 56: A modified version of the Muscovy Duck is up for examination.
  • Question 81: Ten of Rabid-Coot's animal photos appear as clickable options. (See question article for a list of direct links.)
  • Question 95: A photo he uploaded on Easter 2007 appears. It shows a dead rabbit with a hole on the back of its head. Rabid-Coot uploaded the photo as a reminder of how fragile life can be. This photo was rated Mature Content because the depiction of an animal's corpse may offend some people. (Happy Easter)
  • Question 105: Upon flicking the switch, a modified version of the OH SHI... mongoose photo appears.

Appearances in The Impossible Quack

The Impossible Quack is little more than an animated slideshow of duck photos by Rabid-Coot, consisting of a whopping 29 pictures. Four of which are also annotated with custom text. "This is piss", "666", "WTF?" and "Fools". The latter also has two other custom variations; one with an angry stare, as well as one with a red-eyed stare and a bloody beak.

Appearances in The Impossible Quiz Book

Appearances in The Impossible Quizmas

  • Question 8: The Crested Duck becomes examined again, but it is now wearing a Santa hat and the crest is shaved off if the Santa hat is moved. (Afro Duck 2.0)
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