Adaptive question infobox. Info rows are only included if the relevant parameters are included. For instance, the powerup and location parameters should only be used on questions where it's possible to find power-ups, and the time parameter should only be used on Chapter 3 questions.

"Special Attributes" include: unskippable, safe, variable.

Main parameters


Additional parameters

|ios= Question number (just the number) in the iOS version, if different
|theme= one of the default color themes: demo/beta/tiq/epic/tiq2/chris/ch1/ch2/ch3/quizmas
 (epic/chris/ch1-3 also provide appropriate logos above the question number)
|custombg= custom color for the title background (hex value 000-fff or 000000-ffffff)
|customcolor= custom color for the title text (as above, custom colors override theme)
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