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The Impossible Quizmas

Advent calendars, Quizmas presents, Chris, oh my...

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The Impossible Quiz

Useless skips, forceful excrementation, blue, red, blue, yellow...

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The Impossible Quiz 2

The Impossible Quiz Book

Hello, all fans of Splapp-Me-Do's Impossible Quizzes! This Wiki is dedicated to The Impossible Quizzes and related material by Splapp. There are some articles which could be improved, and you're welcome to do so! The quiz articles include links to all the quizzes, so you can easily play them yourselves. We have 480 articles so far! Enjoy!

Note: Some quiz names are acronymic (e.g. TIQ2 = The Impossible Quiz 2).

Table of Contents!

Did you know...

  • ...TIQ Beta is the only Flash-made quiz with a checkpoint?
  • ...Frank was removed in the mobile version of TIQ2, even though iOS devices DO have (tactile) keyboards?
  • ... That Question 74 of TIQB Chapter 2 actually represents the Modern video game era instead of being inspired by Retro video games?
  • ...In Q112 (TIQ2), Chris wears an actual collar and looks completely unharmed when you serve the food to him, even though he took a beating earlier and he wasn't wearing his collar?
  • ...that Chris's collar is red?

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