• Since the Impossible Quizmas is very close to releasing, I would like to open a thread to discuss the questions and answers in the new quiz, before making any question articles.

    Note that this is the first time we've been in this situation, as all current question articles were made after their game pages already had basic explanations of the answers. Of course, some have changed since then, but we at least had a basic guide to go on.

    Now, the answers themselves can be added to the game article, just like with the other games, but please refrain from adding explanations. Post an article comment or reply to this forum thread instead.

    I haven't protected the question pages, so it's perfectly possible for you to create them, but know that I will be monitoring them closely. If you choose to create a question article, I expect a minimum of:

    • Standard templates: Question order, Qinfobox and TIQmas, filled in properly (see links - TIQmas doesn't need anything extra, just put it at the end of the page).
    • Question screenshot: The basic question with nothing highlighted (and preferably no mouse), inserted into the Qinfobox template.
    • A basic description of the question, options and answer (see existing question articles)

    Oh, and please use the TIQmas template below to get the proper article links. It saves me the trouble of potentially having to rename pages with incorrect names.

    Sorry if I sound strict, but I want this to go as smoothly as possible. I will of course be lenient with genuinely well meant contributions, I just want you to put the effort in (hence the minimum guideline for creating an article).

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    • Understood!

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    • There is a new game???

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    • Yes, but it hasn't been released quite yet. It was originally supposed to be, but Splapp had to postpone it for another day, so it'll release sometime within the next 23 hours (as of writing this, it's ~1 AM British time).

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    • Answers I've found so far...

      1. "Hepatitis B"
      2. "The ghost of Christmas pasta"
      3. Multiple versions
      Ex.1: "A bauble"
      Ex.2: "Mistletoe"
      Ex.3: "Boxing Day"
      Ex.4: "Tinsel"
      Ex.5: "Sweet baby Jesus"
      4. Click the blinking bulb (randomised)
      Hidden Skip: One of the other bulbs (I can only find it in one of the versions...)
      5. "Years of Alcohol Abuse"
      6. Move the candy cane across Chris' tongue until all the red has been licked off
      7. "Carol"
      8. Drag the Santa hat off the duck's head, then press the red button
      Hidden Skip: Randomised locations (the ones I've found have been close to the question number)
      9. "For that authentic slightly ropey Impossible Quiz experience"
      10. Multiple versions
      Ex.1: "Halibut"
      Ex.2: "Sprouts"
      Ex.3: "Giblets"
      Ex.4: "Angles"
      +1 Free Skip
      11. Drag away the "Christmas tree" option to reveal the presents. (He leaves the presents under the "Christmas tree")
      12. "This question is the Halloween Special"
      13. 5 stars (click the question star five times)
      14. Move the hollies away and click the mistletoe
      Hidden Skip (left-of-center-slot): Click the arrow shape hidden below the hollies
      15. Click the X (X marks the spot of pirate treasure)
      16. Remove Rudolph's nose and replace it with the dot from the exclamation mark
      17. Rearrange "Santa" into "Satan"
      18. Easter (Noël = No L)
      19. 2-part question. First, move the dogs aparts using the left and right arrow keys, until the cracker blow up, then answer the randomised question.
      Ex.1: "Stand next to a fan"
      Ex.2: "It's Deer"
      Ex.3: "He got 25 Days"
      Ex.4: "Tissues"
      Ex.5: "No idea"
      20. Click the word "Christmas" until it cracks.
      +1 Free Skip
      21. Click on the stomach repeatedly until all the food is digested.
      22. Somewhere you can stuff a turkey
      23. Move the mouse cursor out of the flash window and wait. ("not even a mouse")
      24. Click the names from the Rudolph song: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen
      25. Click your Skips to open them and unlock the Quizmas presents inside. This will charge the up arrow. If you found and opened all 5, the arrow lights up and becomes harmless. Otherwise, it will take away one life. Part 2: When asked if you still remember, click the usual Blue, Red, Blue, Yellow.
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    • I've beaten it. Will unpack the flash for documentation. :3

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    • Well, I got through the 25 questions, but only got silver.

      I now know all the skips, kind of. I can't see a method of identifying the one in Q4. I've only found it in one version (when it's just below the question number).

      And still not sure how to complete Q11. From the decompiled SWF, there appears to be presents hidden somewhere, but I don't understand how to get them.

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    • Princess Nightmoon wrote:
      Well, I got through the 25 questions, but only got silver. I still don't understand Q11, and still need to find the remaining two Skips.

      Drag away the tree branch that leads to the top-left answer. You'll find a pile of gifts. Click on them to go to Q12.

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    • Just looked in the Flash, and yeah. That's the answer. :thumbsup: Good job Scrooge200!

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    • Skip locations:

      1. I think it's on Q4, judging by the Christmas light seen in Q25. No idea where it is, though.

      2. Q8: Found in a different location each time. I've had it spawn right next to the question number, near the duck's bill, under the bomb, and along the bottom.

      3. Gained after beating Q10.

      4. Found on Q14. Drag away the holly and click the leaf-shaped arrow. It's in a different spot each time.

      5. Gained after beating Q20.

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    • Found new parts of Q19:

      What shoes can you not wear? Answer: Tissues. 

      What do you call a blind reindeer? Answer: No Idea.

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    • I like how the Skips are randomised in this quiz, except for the fact that the one in Q4 doesn't have an identifier (at least, not that I can tell). The one in Q8 shows up when you hover over it, and the one in Q14 isn't even invisible, you just have to move stuff away to find it.

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    • Decompiling flashes messes with some of the colors, but I do have a few hi-res Quizmas Present portraits for when we get to that.

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    • Ooh! Splapp drew a rough illustration planning out the presents off-screen, and we've got some Unused Presents to document too, when I get the chance!!

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    • Quizmas Present 32 is my favorite so far. I've always liked Boggy.

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    • Well, I know where Afro Duck's beautiful crest went... #25

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    • On Question 19, the right arrow key doesn't do anything.

      There's also a randomised question in 19 about wine, to which the answer is "I don't like sprouts"

      On Question 23, you don't have to move the mouse off the window, you just can't move it ("stirring")

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    • Has anyone found the first Skip yet?

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    • Maybe it's always the same light that has the skip, but the individual string of lights has been moved?

      I don't know, I'm just throwing ideas out there.

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    • What about a list of the Newgrounds medals?

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    • One of the stages fo question 4 actually gives you the skip.

      If you see one of the lights like in the image below, click the light below the star and you'll get a skip

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    • Hooray! I got the golden tree topper!

      Heck yeah


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    • Been there, done that, but grats on making it too :3

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    • Damn you (shakes fist unmenacingly)

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    • I also have all the medals (except the one for a full Quizmas Presents collection)

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    • I keep having trouble with Q21. I can recall the most famous reindeer of all, just not click them in order and fast enough. I wrote it in the adress bar, but I never have enough time.

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    • Note that the order doesn't matter, so just go down the list of pictures and click the right ones.

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    • Princess Nightmoon wrote:
      I also have all the medals (except the one for a full Quizmas Presents collection)

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    • Sorry, what?

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    • The Lightbulb with an X on it's body has the Skip in Question 4. I can't edit the text, so whoever made it should add that. XwX

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    • Looks like that's true, but I still can't find it in any versions except one, which is pretty annoying.

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    • I know there's another light above the lives counter that'll give you a skip

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    • Screenshot 45
      found it
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    • Oh! I've found one more than before (not the lives one, though). Looks like this is it. Now to try finding it in the different variations ;P

      The X is REALLY faint, but it's there.

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    • I don't know how much scenes there are for Q4 so it'll be hard to keep track of them all

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    • 420peep wrote:
      I don't know how much scenes there are for Q4 so it'll be hard to keep track of them all

      There were about 4-5, checking the games files.

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    • Screenshot 48
      Screenshot 47
      Screenshot 46
      Screenshot 49
      so far these were all the lights I could find with the x on them (minus the 2 I posted before)
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    • I've highlighted the ones I've spotted in green (the associated dodgy bulbs are unlit and highlighted in blue)

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    • The lights object within the SWF file appears to have 7 states (well, 8, but the first one is blank). I got 6, and peep's 2nd pic in the post above appears to be the seventh.

      Oh wow, the one peep caught has the exact same light layout as the middle right one of mine, AND, the dodgy bulb is the same one. The only difference between the two is the Skip bulb.

      As for Q8, I've found 6 locations.

      2 close to the question number (one below, one to the right)
      2 close to the head (one below the beak, one below the hat)
      1 to the left of the skip slots
      1 above "lives"

      Q14 doesn't matter that much, since there's no bomb to ruin the searching.

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    • Some definitions for Q3

      Tinsel (tin cell)
      Mistletoe (missile toe)
      Sweet baby Jesus (baby Jesus as a jelly baby)
      Boxing day (a day who boxes)
      A bauble (a boar bull)

      Seems about right, no?

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    • I'll make a list of all the presents when I can. I won't add descriptions, though, just because it seems ridiculous to add them all to one page/have separate pages for each present.

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    • Boar bull?

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    • That's what a friend explained it as, in any case. I can't think of anything better. It does look like a boar with bull horns, so...

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    • Maybe it's supposed to be "bah", as in "bah humbug". I don't know if that applies to the illustration, though. I just think "boar" is a little bit of a stretch.

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    • How is "boar" a stretch? That's the animal. And in British accents, the R at the end of words are generally silent, thus "boar" is pronounced the same as "bau-".


      02 Abundance Doll
      10 Fusestopper Toy
      12 Vanishing Cream
      15 Festive Halibut
      26 Universal Cereal Bus
      30 PacFrank Game
      38 Lemur Tail
      42 Forty Two

      01 Stylish Socks
      05 Ancient Relic
      09 Coal
      17 Vixen's Antlers
      20 Square Tomato Seeds
      24 Toothy Figurine
      33 Perculiar Helmet
      37 Ponk Egg

      03 Impossible Quiz Book
      13 Lifebuoy
      19 Quizmas Cracker
      22 False Gnashers
      23 Meteorite
      25 Afro Clump
      34 Red Globe
      35 Christingle

      04 Quizmas Pudding
      07 Candy Cane
      08 Cylindrical Plush
      11 Festive Undies
      16 Bomb
      27 Phlovomite's Guide... (to the Galaxy)
      32 Signed Portrait
      40 Cheesy Fish Mush
      41 Monochrome Tank

      06 Badly Drawn Bluray
      14 Yoglett
      18 Lloyd's Stomach
      21 Babby Shoop
      28 Chris' Collar
      29 Dinosaur in a Top Hat
      31 Articulated Violence
      36 Old Trophy
      39 Thatcher Robot

      43 Bronze Tablet
      44 Silver Tree Topper
      45 Golden Tree Topper
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    • You are making it very difficult to be helpful

      At least I can point out that you have a typo in #13

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    • Heheh, sorry, and thanks for the heads up :3

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    • It's alright. You did make the wiki, after all. :)

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    • Princess Nightmoon wrote:
      Sorry, what?

      It's from the Beany and Cecil show, a Bob Clamp-ett car-tooooooOOOOn!

      Cecil is known for saying "What in the heck" in excessively preposterous situations, and this was the best source I could find of him saying that.

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    • Woo, finally got the last 3 presents I was missing (the list from before was completed with the help of decompilation), all in one go. That also completed my medal collection.

      Looks like I'm the third person to achieve it (excluding potential players who would have gotten it if they had an account).

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    • Funnily, in the same batch as those three, one of the duplicates I got was 'Dinosaur in a Top Hat' X3

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    • Yeah, well, once on the last question I got 4 empty packages and one present I already had!


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    • I've gotten tons and tons of duplicates, but never more than 2 empties in the same batch. I'm impressed at how terrible luck you must've had to see that rare occurrence.

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    • Yeah, it was ridiculous. I feel like I've been getting more empty presents than I should be.

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    • I wanted to upload the Quizmas Presents screenshot, but you were one step ahead of me :P. Still, I updated the file; but a side-effect of uploading it to Wikia seems to be a slight decrease of color quality, so it doesn't look as good as it should.

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    • Question 24 is annoying T_T

      The same goes with the skip questions where you have to find it.

      Also why isn't there a bronze christmas topper

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    • A FANDOM user
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