What's up people! My name's RockingBlur. I'm from Argentina, and I'm a huge fan of Sonic, Pokémon and, of course, the Impossible Quiz series!!

I'm an all-around Internet lurker. You can usually find me on my YouTube account RockingBlur, where I upload music belonging to "Sonic the Hedgehog" Sega Genesis hacks/mods/fangames. You can also find on me Twitch and deviantArt, though I don't stream nor I upload stuff; I just follow other people in those sites.

I use Tumblr as well now, in case you wanna drop by and check the random stuff I post/reblog or just say hi, and you can also find me on the Pokémon 3D forums, under the username A-S-Matt. If you are a Pokémon fan, I highly suggest trying that game out! ;)

My story with the TIQ series

I played the first and second Impossible Quizzes maaaaany many years ago, when I was... what, 11-12 years old? Can't exactly remember... The funny thing is that, since I didn't quite have a grasp of English, I didn't understand most of the questions, so for the most part (more than it should, actually) it all came down to guessing for me, or looking up the answers. SHH. And somehow, I managed to complete both of them!

Years passed, I actually learned how to English, and I had completely forgotten about these games. That was, until one day I saw in my YouTube subscribers feed that one of my favorite YouTubers, PewDiePie, had uploaded a video with the name: "The Impossible Quiz".

I couldn't believe it... He was actually playing that game! And while he was struggling with the second Quiz, some Googling around made me come across what I believe to be the best games of the TIQ series: the Book!

I also came across this Wiki, which was actually quite a surprise; I never thought someone would make a Wiki for the Quizzes! I noticed that there was a LOT of stuff to be done, so I thought, since I already had a Wikia account, I could start making edits right away! So I went ahead and rewrote some things in the Answers section of the Quizzes's pages, then I added pics for the Tab Cheat page, then Chris's Incredible 20, and so on, and so forth... And here I am :D

Important stuff I've done so far

  • Contributed to the pages of EVERY SINGLE QUESTION from ALL of Splapp's Flash Quizzes. We might find some more stuff to add to them or polish a little, but their main info is done!
  • Took high-quality screenshots of the majority of the questions in TIQD, TIQ, TIQ2 and TIQB. I really love being able to contribute with these clear images of the games!
  • Created the bottom-of-the-page templates for all three main Quizzes, including variations for each of the Book's Chapters, and some of the game-specific infoboxes (borrowing some code from other sources). n_n
  • Re-redacted the main parts of the articles for each particular Quiz. I mainly redacted the introductory sections and added the "Backstory" sections, as well as the "Intro/Outro" parts of TIQB, so you should go check them out!
  • Most importantly (proud to say this!), I'm also the one that found about the "cameo" of Question 31 in the ending sequence of TIQB. It was completely random and unexpected: I was just pausing frame by frame to see all of the stuff from previous quizzes that appeared on screen, and then that picture appeared, I wasn't familiar with that at all! And finding that pic is what caused the revelation of The Impossible Quiz Beta, by Splapp himself. :D

My favorite Quiz/Chapter

Even though all of the Quizzes have a charm of their own (especially the first two, which have that nostalgic feel), my favorite Quiz game without any doubt is The Impossible Quiz Book, Chapter 2, for several reasons.

First of all, it's based around video games, and Splapp himself seems to be a passionate fan of games, so the outcome could only be good! Secondly, it feels like Splapp put considerably more effort in this Chapter than in the other two, and it really shows: the plot was well-developed, the visual themes and their spread throughout the fifty questions were greatly paced, as well as the transitions between each, and the great majority of the questions (especially the mini-games) are interesting and/or fun.

Last but not least, the soundtrack of this game is by far the absolute BEST of the series in my opinion. All of the tracks fit with their usage in the game, and some of them are just plain brillant! Splapp chose these tracks really well, and they certainly make the Quiz way more enjoyable!

My favorite questions


This Quiz is filled with lots of memorable moments, but my favorite question of the game has definitely got to be Question 107 ("How do you do?", with the fake Game Over screen). It's actually a pretty clever idea, and the options are also fun to read!


This one's a bit harder, since there are many fun questions in this Quiz. But I'm sure my favorite would definitely be Question 81 ("Click the anser!"). I think it's a great idea to use the word and concept of "anser" as a pun on "answer", and I love animals already, so having 10 pictures of different animals as options is something I really loved in this one!

I actually have 2nd and 3rd places for this Quiz: my second favorite would be Question 107, the one that asks you a random question you have already answered, but omitting the options. It feels really good to be able to correctly remember the spot of the answer in each case, and I don't really feel the same with Q120!

Finally, in third place would be Question 90; the giant wall of text with the 1-second bomb. I find the stuff written on the text wall really funny, and making a giant 1-second bomb popping up out of nowhere is pure genius! 


By far, the one with the best questions EVER. It's hard to even pick a single one of each Chapter, but I think I've made up my mind here.

  • From Chapter 1, it's Question 37, purely because I love how Chris was turned into his real-life counterpart Socks!
  • Chapter 2 contains in my opinion the best questions of the entire series (mostly because it's about video games), but my favorite of the 50 questions is Question 90; the Pokémon battle! Obviously because I'm a Pokémon fan, and the question itself was SUPERB. The Orbinauts one could have been my fav, but I ended up HATING it because of the bomb >:C
  • Chapter 3 is also hard, because I pretty much love EVERY returning question of the game, due to the twists they were given. I think my favorites here are Question 140, the returning "cheese made backwards" one, and Question 148, the one that asks you about the color code. I just love how lots of options and elements from past Quizzes return for both of these!

Favorite quotes from TIQ's playthroughs!

Will update with more quotes of the other playthroughs I've seen so far but for the moment it's only Pewdiepie. :V

WARNING: Lots of censored swearing... :U

The Impossible Quiz


  • "TEAR OFF YOUR LEG, SANIIIICC!!!!!!!!" - On Question 88.
  • "BLUE... uhhhh, red, blue... yell-FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU..... I was just about to click..." - On Question 98.
  • "I can't even see my f*cking d*ck! I CAN'T SEE MY DIII-" - On Question 105.
  • "Out of all rage things I've ever played, this one just wins the prize... I know all these answers by the back of my *sshole" - After a Game Over in Question 106.
  • "Is that Sonic's d*ck? Nice. It came all over his... pants. WHAT HAS BEEN SEEN CANNOT BE UNSEEN." - On Question 88. (It was Sonic's tail but it seriously looks like something completely different lmao)
  • "I'm not, I'm not even mad anymore, I don't even f*cking care anymore..." - After realizing he has to save his Skips for Question 110. xD

TheRPGMinx and Krism (they only did one part; Minx got pissed due to the comments on the video and quit the playthrough altogether xD)

  • "WHAT!! HOW IS THAT WRONG!? HOW THE F*CK IS THAT WRONG!!!???" - Minx after getting Question 1 wrong from the get-go xD
  • Minx: "I don't actually know if that IS Pi, might be some weird symbol... I don't know!"
    Krism: "...Pi is a weird symbol?"
    Minx: "It's like... It looks like a 'T', with 2 sticks coming out of it instead of one."
    - During Question 6!
  • Minx: "Okay, so... do you think we should go for 'Pi'?"
    Krism: "I don't f*cking know!"
    Krism: "I don't know!!!!!"
    - ALSO during Question 6!
  • "...the numer 8 on its side..." - Minx's description of the infinity symbol, one of the options of Question 7 (f'ing really...? xD)
  • "F****CK. THIS GAME IS CHEATING. RELENTLESSLY CHEATING!!" - Minx after their second Game Over.
  • "Thisss... this is the biggest... lot... of f*cking... bullsh*t... I've ever come across... in my f*cking life..." - Minx after ANOTHER Game Over!
  • Minx: " 'What sound does a bell make?' Is it 'whoop'? 'F'taang'? 'Froon'? Or 'Blip-blop-bloop-banga-o-langa-woof, nubby-frrph 120,000 eckleck-ooo-looo-a-scap-babble-de booble wop'?"
    Krism: "...wat."
    - During Question 13 :V
  • "IT'S RIGHT!! YES!!!!!!!!!" - Minx after Krism got said question right xD
  • "But there's no question! There isn't a f*cking question!! It's just a HORSE, saying f*cking NEIGH... and a KEYBOARD!!!" - Minx struggling to understand Question 15. (This is where they got their final Game Over in the playthrough, before giving up on it; they gave up on one of the EASIEST questions of the game, good lord xD)
  • "What kind of horses have you been around, that you think a horse goes 'PFFT'?" - Krism pointing out how much of a nutjob Minx is. xD

The Impossible Quiz 2


  • "Just when I finished the first one I really hoped there would be a f*cking other one!" - At the very beginning of the game.
  • " 'Pig buster, no!!' ... Wha-What am I doing with my life? ...What is this sh*t?" - On Question 42.
  • "Old McDonald had a farm, BAAAAAAAAAA!! ...F*CK" - Failing Question 45!
  • " 'Frank says: press Delete loads of times...' Go f*cking snort some coke and explore your sexuality, how 'bout that, Frank?" - On Question 49.
  • "Okay, so *mm-hmm* let's... let's think here for a second: 'chicken cross'. What looks like a chicken cross? A butthole. 'Lard' in Portuguese is actually backwards for 'butthole' in Chinese', so it's not 'Lard'. The other ones start with a 'because', and this one starts with 'T'... because Mr. T wants to go to the other side, because he's an idiot, because he wanna take a dump... Lard. THAT." - Managing to deduce somehow the correct option in Question 61. :U
  • "Ermm... 'Stella' backwards is "ellats"(?), which is Japanese for 'blood'... So it has to be 'wate-- BLOOD'." Same as previous one but in Question 65. :U
  • "Seven minutes... Seven minutes. Took me seven minutes to accomplish absolutely f*cking nothing. MMMMMMMMMM..." - Upon getting a Game Over without even getting to where he had gotten up to during the previous video. xD
  • "An 'anser' is a type of bird... and I'm a duck and I didn't even know that sh*t, holy sh*t." - On Question 81.
  • "Cheating is not cheating if you... *gets Game Over* ...F*CK A CHEESE." - On Question 67.
  • "YOU F*CKING D*CKHEAD, YOU, THAT IS, THAT IS JUSSST... JUSSST... jusst, I read your f*cking story... I read your story... I read your f*cking story... and THIS is how you f*cking repay me... you son of a b*tch... I will find you... and I will kill you." - After getting a Game Over on Question 90. xD
  • "I said I was gonna finish this b*tch, so we ARE gonna finish this... sandwich" *tries to eat remote control" - At the beginning of the final TIQ2 video. xD
  • "That should be all of them! How many alphabets does an alphabet have!?" - After repateadly failing Question 101.
  • "Sooo much fun writing 'udder' for the udderillillion time..." - On Question 5, working his way back to the Incredible 20 xD
  • "Oh God, my *ss, it burns so hard in my *ss and I haven't even had spicy food, that's the best way to describe this game, man... woman... p- 'alien'? Really? Well I guess that would explain my subscriber count, honestly..." - Working his way back to the Incredible 20. (Corporal Arse appearing on screen as he starts saying this makes it even funnier xD)
  • "I can't type the alphabet... I'm officially mentally challenged. I'm actually okay with it... 'cause nothing can be worse than this..." - Having a tough time trying to get to the Incredible 20 :U
  • "I'm going to... shove... a unicorn, up my *ss" - What he said he was gonna do after he completed the game. xD

The Impossible Quiz Book


  • "GOOD NIGHT... SWEET PRINCE... *laser fires and turns Chris into real-life cat* Oh, he became fabulous!" - On Question 37.
  • "Well, it's a 'C' for 'C*nt' and I'll take it." - Upon getting a C grade.
  • "BUT I CAN'T HELP DANCIN', I CAN'T HELP DANCIN', GIRL! JAZZ HANDS, Jazz Hands, Jazz... I'm sorry..." - Dancing to the beat of the Chapter 2 Game Over theme :V
  • "I had a lifebuoy! I had a lifebooy! Booy, I had a lifebooy! Where's mah lifeboy, boy? Boy, gimme a lifeboy. Hey boy, ovrehderh boy. Gimme a life boy... boy. Boy gimme a lifeboy, boy. Boy boy boy boy lifeboy..." - Impersonating a Buizel :V Making some pun between "boy" and "lifebuoy" after getting a Game Over.
  • "No no no, don't blow up in my face! Please..." *bomb goes off* "...oh for f*ck's sake, girl!" - Upon failing Question 72 and watching the bomb explode xD.
  • "*repeatedly makes sheep bleat* I dunno if I'm doing the right thing, I don't care... *keeps making sheep bleat as bomb goes off* I'm OBVIOUSLY not doing the right thing, god dammit..." - Failing Question 76.
  • "Oh my god, FLAWLESS. Flaw... f*cking... LEESSS SEÑORITA SEÑOR..." - After apparently clearing the Pac-Frank maze without losing lives xD.
  • "DON'T COPY ME." - When Chris facepalmed after he did, after getting a Game Over xD
  • "Oh no, not Poke Balls! No, god damn Pokemon..." *chuckles* - Upon starting the Pokémon battle of Question 90 for the first time :V
  • "We're gonna do it next! ...'cause if I don't stop now, I might just hurt somebody." - Upon finishing the second video of TIQB.
  • " 'I hate you, you little ginger bumhole.' That's mean... What did I ever do to you? Oh I killed your Pokemon, hehahahaHAHA." - After winning the Pokemon battle for the first time.
  • "Porn is always the answer... *meerkats picture pops on screen* ...That is some kinky f*ckin-OH GOD WHAT THE F*CK... WHAT HAS BEEN SEEN!" - After Question 94 xD
  • "So, Chapter 3 is actually the last one. I'm a little sad, but EXTREMELY f*cking happy. F*ck this game, HEHEHAHA." - Before starting Chapter 3 of the Book.
  • " 'VHAT IS DIZ!?" That's a tit... it's ADOLF TITLER!!!" - On Question 117.
  • " 'What color is Chris's anus...' It's motherf*ckin' pink, girl..:! Chris anus pink is bleach!!" - Rapping on Question 119.
  • "Thanks, you know what? Thanks. 'ppreciate it, 'ppreciate it." - After Question 123 tells him Splapp just wanted to show him the poop-eating lemur pic xD.
  • "Oh damn... Oh I'm so sorry man! Hey, DON'T COME IN MY TURF AGAIN AND THINK THERE WILL BE NO REPERCUSSIONS, B*TCH!! *sings* GET THE FECK OUTTA MAH TERF... GET THE FECK OUTTA MAH TERF... GET THE FECK OUTTA MAH TERF... GET THE FECK OUT OF MAH TERF... *10 minutes later* GET THE FECK OUTTA MAH TERF gdelgedede" *starts beatboxing* - During and after Question 125. xD
  • "I am charging your f*cking d*ck so f*cking hard like I have never charged a f*cking d*ck in my entire f*cking career..." - Charging Shoop-Da-Whoop in Question 138
  • "*raps* Two more questions and we finish with this b*tch forevuh; two more questions and we finish with this b*tch forevuh, girl; two more questions and we finish with this b*tch forevuh, two more questions, two more questions, two more questions of it b*tch..." - While two questions away from completing the game :U
  • "You burn, motherf*cker, you BURN... Oh my god, ALL the f*cking hours, all the tears... It's all coming back to me!! IT'S ALL COMING b-back" *convulses* - After succesfully completing the Book!!
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