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Other than that, there's been no other news so far lately on The Impossible Dream. In addition, Splapp stated many that he probably won't be making another Impossible Quiz.

"There's no plans for any more quizzes," sternly stated Splapp, beady-eyed with his legs crossed. The scent of 5 year old ash rose from the chair he sat in, as the lamps flickered above him. He's been sitting on the wooden chair for days now, watching the hours fly by. Why? No one knows. Not even he knows.

As for the good news...
Splapp's animated short film, Miss Edison, that he's been working on for a while now, won best animated sequence in FrackFest film festival in America! You can go check out his announcement here.

The actual film won't be released on the internet for a while though. In the meantime, you can go check out these links for further updates:
Facebook Page
Splapp's Tumblr

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